Content Marketing Tools

A fundamental shift in the connection between brand and a consumer is how often marketers communicate with their target audience. Therefore content marketing has become a major component of brand marketing strategies.

Benefits of content marketing tool
Managing the volume of marketing content that is to be created, distributed, analyzed has become difficult, time consuming and costly for several marketing organizations. By automating these processes or taking services of a content marketing vendor can provide various benefits.

Increase the relevancy and effectiveness of your content
When consumer view and interact with content that tell a lot about their preference and buying stage. By understanding their content consumption areas you can provide them with more relevant information that can increase sales.

Improve message consistency across all marketing channels
Managing brand and consistency has become a challenge for global brands. By centralizing content data in a CMS or database the data can be standardized and monitor for maintaining brand style and consistency

Collect more accurate customer data
Content marketing optimization and analytics tool find the areas of content consumption across various channels. The data shows that the instead of quantity of page views the times spent reading particular page matters. By making the process automatic data can be integrated with CRM and marketing automation system to further study the content metrics.

Increase social sharing, referrals, and engagement
More personalized and relevant content is shared on large basis across social network which can increase the impact and awareness of your brand.

Decrease marketing campaign costs
By sending the relevant content to the customers the campaign efficiency increases and the cost decreases

Do you need content marketing tools?
Deciding whether your company needs a content marketing tool     includes a detailed assessment of your organisation business needs, staff capabilities, financial resources and management support.

The list shows the question which you should ask before applying content marketing for your business

  1. Did we find out our content marketing strategy and goals
  2. Did we established KPIs and put a system for tracking, reporting and measuring results
  3. Do we have C level buy in
  4. Who will manage content marketing
  5. Do we have sufficient staff to execute content marketing
  6. What is the budget and can we invest money in staff training
  7. Can we combine content marketing with our existing marketing system

Choosing a content marketing tools
Once you decided that you need a content marketing tool for your brand then spend some time researching for individual vendors and their capabilities. Make a list of all content marketing capabilities that you have, those that you would like to add and those that you can’t live without.

Take your list of capabilities and then do a research. Make the list of vendors that meet your criterion. Submit the list of content marketing capabilities that you have found and set a time frame for them to reply. Make sure to give the same list of capabilities to each vendor for finding the comparison. The most effective RFP will be the one that request relevant information and provide ample information about your brand and its call analytics needs. It should deliver high level strategic goals and KPIs.

When written properly an RFP will complement the sales process and ensure that everyone involved on both sides come to a shared understanding of the requirement, purpose , scope and structure of the intended purchase. From the RFP response you will be able to narrow your list of three or four tool that you want them to apply in your organization.

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