Facebook for marketing

How to use facebook for marketing of your business

Facebook is an online social networking site where users have to sign up for using it. Afterwards they can create a personal profile, add friends, categorize friends from school, college, workplace, close friends or acquaintances, chat and exchange message to one another. Other features include create a fan page; receive automatic notifications whenever there is an update in the profile which helps in promoting a brand or business. In addition to this user can also join interest groups.

Facebook for marketing

Facebook for marketing

For maximum utilization of your facebook page for your business, few tips to manage your Facebook page effectively


Facebook has added a feature called notification that allows page admin to receive email notifications when anyone post or comment on their page. With the help of this feature you can effectively stay on top of any fan interaction on your page.

Spam settings

There are certain things that you do not want to post on your wall. The spam settings will help you to review items before they get posted on your wall.

Keep posting status updates

Post status updates once or twice a day is highly beneficial for your business. When you post once or twice days then you add to the online marketing initiatives. You can find out the best time to add the post for receiving maximum attention.

Note down the time when your fans revert- is it the lunch hour, afternoon breaks, evening time or night leisure time? Check out the time when you get maximum likes or comments? Another helpful tool through which you can find best time for posting is your data in facebook insight.

To promote your product in front of other facebook users you can also post on other walls through your facebook page. Facebook has the feature through which you can post on your business page and other pages as well. In addition to this you can tag pages or people when you mention them in the post. This can also result in spamming, therefore use the tagging feature carefully. Make sure that you can tag people who are your friends and tag pages that you have liked.

Facebook Insights

Facebook insight

Facebook for marketing

Facebook Insights is a tool through which you can monitor interaction on your page. You can set a time period and monitor the activity on your page including new likes, demographics of your followers, no. of comments and likes for particular time frame. Apart from this the process of running ads is also simplified on Facebook. Facebook for marketing of your business is best till right now.

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