Google will support PM Modi “Digital India” initiative

According to latest news reports Google said that it will support Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiative to make “Digital India.” The Indian government has a well organized plan to implement it.

Digital India

Google Chief Internet Evangelist Vinton G. Cerf; spoke at a seminar organized by Federation of Indian chambers of Commerce and Industry that “ the private sector is going to play a major role but it will not work unless basic infrastructure that government promises to bring in is put into place”. He also insists that Google is finding ways to increase the Internet penetration in the country.

The Government is making an investment of 1.13 lakh crore which will transform the country into a connected economy, attract investment in electronic manufacturing, open the doors for millions of jobs and also support trade.
Cerf, who is a computer scientist and also acknowledged as the father of Internet said that the “Digital India” initiative will bring the nation together and it is “very refreshing and exciting.”

He also appreciated the government plans to improve Internet infrastructure and its plan to expand internet penetration in the villages.
He said that “You (government) already have a well laid out plan and from here you have to execute it. The passion and energy is clearly there.

Communication and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also tweeted a picture of his meeting with Cerf. The senior Google executive also met some of the officers of the Department of Electronics and IT and said that they are satisfied with the planning structure of making “Digital India” a reality.

Cerf also emphasized that IT professional should upgrade their skills in order to contribute to the fast changing world of technology.

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