How to optimize website home page

igs 1The homepage is the first thing that customer observe when going through your website. Therefore the home page should be optimized for user engagement on the website. A good homepage can lead to many sales therefore working on this part of the website is very important.

1. Headline
The headline is basically the title of your website. It also creates a first impression on the visitors. The headline generally consists of 6 to 12 keywords. Headline is the most important part of your homepage. According to studies a good homepage can increase your conversion rate upto 10.4%

Try to write headline for 20-30% of visitors that are probably buying from your website. The headline should answer the main profile of your business.123

2. Benefits
Show the benefits of your product or service. Also mention what your product does and why is their product important to the user. Why they should use your product.

3. Call to action
You should mention your contact clearly so that the user can contact you. A call to action is a feature through which user can navigate easily to different parts of your website. Introduce buttons that user can click to know the product and services

4. Images
People give response to images rather than texts. Introducing pictures and videos have a great impact on the user mind and increase traffic. Include photos that speak about your product.

5. Success with Customers
Introducing feedback section will improve your website and the areas where it lacks. By generating the reviews user know about the trustiness of your business.

6. Make it clean
Make your homepage attractive by giving it a professional look. A clean and easy to use homepage is important just as meaningful content.

The most effective homepage will tell a visitor where they are what they can do for them and why they should do it.

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