How to Increase Traffic using Google Analytics

Over the last years there have been a lot of changes in SEO world. One of them is Google not provided where Google will not show majority of the keywords that brings traffic towards the website. You can have an idea about it from the image below.

google not provided

Then the main question that comes is that if Google will not show the keywords for which we are currently ranking for then how can we improve our search engine ranking.

The answer to this is that you can utilize these three reports which are present in Google analytics to find out your ranking and thus increase the traffic.

Following are the reports

You can connect your Google Webmaster Tool to your Google Analytics account through which you can track your ranking, how many impressions you’re listing are getting and can also see the click through rates.

You have to just log into the Google Analytics account and once you click on your website URL you will get a detailed report.

After you see the dashboard, then you have to click on the navigation option “Acquisition” ->Search engine optimization->queries. You will have a screen as shown below.

webmastertoolssharingClick on “Set up

Webmaster Tools data sharing” and just follow the steps which Google will instruct you to follow.
After following the above step you will be able to see three reports when you click on “search engine optimization” link.
The three reports which you will see are queries, landing pages and geographical summary.
Now we will examine how we can utilize these reports to increase the traffic towards our website.


The query report will give you list of keywords for which you are ranking, how many impressions you are getting, the number of clicks, average ranking position also click through rate.
When you look at this report keep in mind that it is sorted by impressions or we can say that you will find keywords at the top for which you are getting highest number of impressions and the remaining at the bottom of the lost.

If your ranking on the page is low and the text is not appealing then it will result in a click through rate which can be as low as 1%
If your ranking on the page is good and text is appealing then your click through rate can reach upto 40% or above on specific keywords.
You should achieve a click through rate of at least 20% on keywords which are getting thousand impressions monthly.
Choose the keywords that are relevant to your business and that have the highest number of impressions with click through rate of less than 7%.

 Landing pages

The landing page report will give you the pages which are ranking well, the no of impressions, the number of clicks, average ranking position and average click through rate.


The above report shows the most popular pages first .Pages that have the highest number of impressions and lowest click through rate are those which should focus on.
It should be noted that your overall click through rate in this report will be lower than click through rate in the queries report because it consider all of your keywords instead of individual keywords.
You must compare it with query report. The most popular keywords are those which are bringing traffic to top 10 landing pages.
You should plug the following information in to a spreadsheet that will show the list of landing page which will provide you traffic, sales and all the keywords related to each landing page for which you are getting impressions that has click through rate of less than 7%,.

Geographical summary

This report will give you the countries from where your search engine traffic is coming.

Geographical summary

If your customers are coming from one country than you should focus on that particular country and if they are from every part of the world than you should focus worldwide.
If want to target just one country then you need to log into Google Webmaster Tool and choose your website. Then you have to click on the gear icon and select “site settings.”
By putting mark against the “target users in” box you will be able to select the country that you want to target.
If you are targeting people around the world you can increase your internal search engine by translating your website into different languages.
Now we will look at the most effective way in which you can increase your search traffic.

Search engine optimization

Put the spreadsheet in front of you which you made earlier.
Now take a look at the ranking. When you analyze your ranking then you have to treat all numbers as if they were between 1 through 10 as Google will only list 10 results per page.
if you rank 390 for a particular keyword then you have to treat it as 10 position ranking.

To increase the ranking follow these link building method or on page optimization techniques.

You can also use some of the easy tricks.
You must ensure to use the keyword or phrase with the landing page text.
Make sure to add the keyword or phrase to the title and meta description tag.
You can utilize Open Site Explorer to see who links to competing landing pages and then mention those sites for links by using this template.

By analyzing 63 Google Webmaster Tool account and now you will be able to find the list of most clicked through words.

3.How to
5.Blog post

By using the above words and phrase in your Meta description and title tag you will be able to see an increase in click through rates.
The above process is very easy and it will take less than 30 minutes and it doesn’t require any special skills as an internet marketer. With the help of above reports you will easily be able analyze your overall rank for certain keywords and what are the areas where you need improvement.
Search engine optimization need not to be complicated or we can say that it should be done with as less no. of tools as possible. You shouldn’t require a large sum of money to increase your traffic. You can use Google Analytics and a few other tools to improve your ranking.

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