Keywords research VS. Audience research in SEO

Search engines were basically designed for audience if it was not true the search engines would have turned into a selling machine. With the help of various posts, tweets and blogs, eminent industry figures and evangelist have given a detailed description of the new transformation in search engine optimization.
Keyword research holds an important role in Search engine optimization. It brings out the information about the list of the most searched terms related to business, create landing pages and then insert a lot of keyword concentrated content.
There are various keyword research tools available

1. Word stream
2. Google keyword planner
3. Word tracker
4. Ubersuggest

Role of Audience research
It is a known fact that the search engines thrive on its visitors. If the search engines wouldn’t have provided the relevant results, the users will have never used the engines again and the search engines had never existed.

Today Business websites need to realize the importance of their users while doing the SEO. This includes providing the information what the user is looking for. With the help of Audience research methods now marketers will be able to find the keyword that answers the query of the user instead of providing content on related topics and fields.

Audience research also gives importance for finding long tail keywords which hold most of the part of semantic search. Audience research will help the marketers to analyze the possible queries made by the user and understand the user behavior or search that user is looking for and further construct content for queries.

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