Presence on local maps, directories and review sites is a part of SEO strategy

Focusing SEO of your business website is important but according to the latest updates of Google algorithm making presence on local map and directories brings you on the top of the Google results.
For optimizing your presence in the map and directory sites you must follow the process.

Local Search Ranking Factors
1.    Make your Google My business account

When you set up Google My business account, you are confirming the customers that the information about your business on the local maps is accurate and complete. By signing up you will make sure that your website has presence on sites such as Google maps.
2.    Make your presence on Yelp

Yelp is the most popular consumer review site and it is important that you list down your business in this site. After that you can update information, upload photos and respond to reviews.

3.    Add more features to your listing

Once you make presence in map and directory sites and verified that your contact information is correct now it is time to optimize your business by adding photos, contact information, URL and other information so that your listing looks more unique. You can also mention offers, respond to reviews and more.
4.    Customer reviews are important

There are various methods by which you can generate reviews, one method is to ask for the reviews or pay some incentive to the customers but many review sites including Yelp discourage this method.
So instead of asking or paying money for reviews. Make efforts in providing great product, great service and always care for your customers. If you do that, the customers will automatically be inclined to give reviews whether you ask them or not.
5.    Try to engage with customers online

Make sure that you respond to review whether they are in your favor or not. Although customer reviews are more negative than positive it becomes more important to know what the customer wants. Give your contact information like email address and phone no. so that they can contact you and give the feedback about the products. It will help you in finding the defects in the product and you can remove them in future.

So always ensure that you work on these sites and update your information regularly, this will make the customer to engage more on these websites compared to your own site and this will increase the popularity of the business.

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