Major changes in link building strategy 2015

In SEO world the major change is that the concept of link building seems to diminish and many people feel that the act of pursing link has become evil.

The second biggest change is the simplicity with which URL can be shared and reach throughout the web and among people. Earlier people will have to fill out a long form to email a link.

Major changes in link building strategy in 2015
The answer to first question according to which “If Google continues to put most of its own content and direct answers in search engine then what is the use of link building” is that there are still no of hundreds of different types of business where the user is not looking for a direct answer from Google and in those situations linking strategy plays an important role.

Much before Google existed the linking strategies had nothing to do with any sort of manipulation of the search engines and SEO was on page only and soon after Google launched the SEO industry undergoes a major change and people starting looking towards links as commodities and use any kind of tactic good, bad, ugly and everything to manipulate Google algorithm in their client favor.

In case of merger or acquisition of company with other, the websites of the company also suffers changes. In that case what will happen to those back links? Sometimes the answer is to leave them as they are or to merge the sites that have a similar target audience or client base.

Different websites should have different approach for link building. For e.g. a saree site must have different link building approach than a sports website. But it is disappointing that companies have been trying to sell link building packages in a cookie-cutter approach without taking into consideration one site’s mission and content from another.

Don’t utilize your website as a medium to write about yourself and how smart you are or a long story of your products or services or profile of your CEO or how good your staff is. Instead try to write about the latest happening, people, technologies, events in your content. It will definitely lead to links, shares, likes, tweets or improve your website ranking.

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  1. sunny singh says:

    Nice post…….
    I am quite agree with you. Both the things, you discussed are very important for a website. The LinkBuilding and the simplicity of url are very necessary to get good conversion.

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