How to Make your Website Mobile Friendly

With the increase in mobile organic traffic over the past few years. The need for responsive websites has raised. Therefore if you want to bring more traffic towards your website then you should pay attention to mobile version of the website as well.


You can check the mobile Organic Traffic just by altering the Google Analytics report

1.Click on Audience->Mobile->Overview in the left side of your Google Analytic s profile report.

2.To separate traffic on the basis of channel, click on Secondary dimension and under “Acquisition” select Medium or Source/Medium. Through Source/Medium you can also find out the search engine from where your mobile traffic is coming to your website.

3.You can separate out the non organic traffic by clicking on advanced (adjacent to the search box). Make a filter by using Include, medium, containing and type organic in the space provided. Create a second filter to get a true picture of desktop vs. Smartphone’s which include exclude, Device Category, Containing and type the word tablet in the space.

Website Mobile Friendly
4.Change your date range to compare year after after.

The end report will be filtered to show mobile traffic from organic sources

Check whether your site is mobile friendly

The easiest way to check that your site is mobile friendly or not is to search the website on the mobile device. Google has also given a mobile friendly label where you can check the website is mobile friendly or not.

You can use Google Mobile Friendly Test tool to find out the areas that needs improvement.

Consider Conversion rate

Bringing traffic towards the website is great but it is also important that your traffic should convert into potential customers.To find out the conversion rate you can take the previous Google Analytics report.

You can also compare conversion rate for mobile and desktop

  1. Click on Audience->Mobile-> Overview at the left hand side of Google Analytics report.
  2. To separate traffic through channel, click on Secondary Dimension and select Medium.
  3. Filter the nonorganic traffic by clicking on advanced. Create filter by selecting Include, Medium, Containing and type organic in the space. Create second filter with Exclude, Device Category, Containing, and type tablet in the space.

Now the report that comes out will show organic traffic from desktop and mobile.
Conversion Actions to prioritize
You can take two ways.
Prioritize for your overall most important conversion action first.
Give more priority to mobile trafficked area first.

If you consider the first case then you will be able to find out the pages which need to be addressed and if you take the second case you will be able to find out the conversion action for mobile trafficked area.To analyze the above two reports we have to create a custom report..
In the top navigation part click on “Customization”
Click “New Custom Report.”
By using the setting given below you will be able to find out traffic from mobile devices and also compared the traffic versus the conversion rates.

iglobe Solutions

The pages which are most visited through mobile are blog posts, one of the top page is service page.
You can review this data to find out the pages which lack conversion actions, difficult forms or not mobile friendly. You can focus on these areas to get good conversion rate.

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