How to make your website SEO friendly

To make a website SEO friendly is very important. In this article we will take a look at some of the feature that a website should have to make it SEO friendly. For achieving higher ranking in the search engine results these are some tips.

seo friendly website
• Make your keyword searchable
• Put the keyword in the body of the content as well as in title
• Put some Meta tags and title tags
• Update your content regularly
• Image should be selected carefully
• Frame should not be used
• Make backlinks as more as possible

Keyword search
It is important to phrase keywords in such a way that it is mostly searchable by the user. In this way your website will get hits and in turn more traffic towards the website. Use word tracker facility it is keyword research tool which will help you in finding the most used keywords for searching information.

Place keyword carefully

You should include your keyword carefully. Placing the keyword in the URL of the website makes it optimal. While writing an article for the website makes use of the keyword in the body of the content and in the title also.

Make use of Meta tag and title tag

Using Meta tag and title tag will make your website SEO friendly. Search engine detect these tags for any query put by the user. Make use of Meta and title tag on each and every page and make them such that they represent the description of the whole page.

Regularly make your content updated

While searching for the relevant information the search engine prefer those sites which have content updated regularly. It helps to maintain your website in the high rankings

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