10 Factors that You Should Look Before Choosing a Web Host

Choosing a company for Web Hosting is a bit difficult at times. There are so many competitors in the market which promise 99% uptime, knowledge support. The article will show you the ways which will help you in deciding the ideal company from where you can take web hosting services.

1. Price
This is the most important aspect when choosing a hosting provider. Choosing the hosting provider which offers its services at lowest price is not necessarily the best idea. Look at the features that other hosting company provides and then compare the prices. iGlobe Solution provides feature rich, affordable domain and web hosting services all over the India.

10 factors that you should look before choosing a web host
2.Area of focus

It should be noted that all web hosts are not right for different kinds of customers. Some of them offer great shared plans but don’t have that features which are good for growing businesses while others have great features but not affordable. Look into the profile of the company and buy from the one that understand your needs. You can also find reviews and recommendation on the web.

3.Technical specification
Take a look at your site and what you want from it. If you have a plan to host a blog, an eCommerce site, videos and rich content. Then a cheap hosting package will won’t work probably because you can’t find RAM, processing power and disk space to serve all the needs and at the same time you will have to face downtime and load issues.
Note down the features that you are getting with the cheap host and what are the features that are included in the cost. Do they charge for additional domains, support, backups etc Ask questions that what you need in your site.

4.Technical support
Look for hosting service provider who provides Online technical support in case the website goes down and are they able to find out the reason for any network problems and fix it.
See their customer support services. See the different ways to contact them via chat, email, toll free phone. Are they available 24*7 or not.

5.Features and Addons
What extra features are they going to provide on hosting your website. Whether it is providing multiple data centered, energy saving practices, or regular data backups, free domain policy. These are some of the question which you should ask before taking the services of the hosting company.

What are kinds of machines that your hosting company uses? Are they top of the line, out of the box new machines, or are they cobbled together from what could be spare parts and chicken wire?

7.Customer Reviews/Satisfaction/Reputation
Do a Google Blog search for a hosting company or look in Twitter. You will have to check out what the customer are saying about their services. Are they easily reachable?

8.Email features
In case you have a spam problem they are they able to provide a solution for it. What are the spam solutions and general email practices.

9.Control Panel/User Interface
WordPress, setting up email, setting up FTP accounts these are the features which you should be do without calling your hosting company. Is your hosting provider use c panel or Plesk to make updates and modification easier or ask them if they use clunky interface that no one can figure out.

10.Scalability/Room to grow
Look for the future plans that if they are able to provide the relevant services in according to your future plans.
If your site is able to attract more traffic in future then it should be able to meet the future requirements of the website. If they are able to upgrade your account. Transferring from one host to another takes time and this can be avoided if the service provider can scale their solutions for growth.

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