Tips for effective Mobile SEO

Mobile search is used on a large basis all over the world. Some of the brands have found that 30% of their searches come from mobile devices. The topic covers the best practices for effective mobile SEO to ensure that your mobile content can be properly viewed and crawled by search engines.

1. Think like Search psychologist
Mobile users have a different way of searching than desktop users. They generally use short tail phrases. Their searches are based on local audience and rely on Google auto complete feature complete a query. When optimizing meta title and description, it is much more important to optimize for these shorter tail queries.


2. Think Social first, Mobile second
Mobile users often want to be entertained and in many cases they are connected 24/7 to their social media profile via apps. Content made for mobile users should be entertaining. Therefore while developing online content think of social than mobile.


3. Size matters
Mobile devices hardly have touchscreen and pressing a navigation link can be frustrating. Therefore it is important to ease down the navigation so that the users can focus on the most important or most popular pages of site.


4. Develop to scale ; don’t scale to fit
A successfully mobile strategy includes a revamped site optimized for mobile search. It should not be a scaled down version of the desktop website retrofitted for a smaller screen. Webserver should be configured so that the mobile version of the website resides on a sub domain leading to the

Most of the high trafficked website have developed mobile version of their website to make sure that the user get the best experience possible.


 5. Link location matters
Each mobile friendly page should consist of link to the main desktop site.


6. Click to Call
Make sure that the customers can call you directly from the mobile website. Each mobile friendly page contain the phone no with easy to click to call access in each page

7. Use quality content
Website having rich content are difficult to load on mobile operating system. Therefore reducing file size of the content can be possible option to display the content on users mobile device

How To Write Quality Content

8. Apps vs Mobile friendly: Intent Matters
When taking a decision of application development versus mobile friendly webpage keep in consideration the intent of someone visiting a website versus using an application.

Applications are used as a means that a person will use multiple times. The thing is that an application is used as a resource or a business tool.

For companies that run entirely on a transactional basis with their customers a mobile app is important but for many other companies an app would be of no use or effective for their customers.


9. Embrace Search Engine Crawlers
Search engines know that the mobile friendly version of your webpage have no duplicate content that could be penalized while searching. Make sure that the search engine mobile content crawlers visit the same mobile website that the user find while searching for mobile website. Doing so will avoid penalties.

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