Upcoming SEO trends in 2015

The SEO techniques have changed drastically over the past few years and it will change in the coming years therefore to survive in the industry new techniques should be applied for internet marketing. We bring you the updates on latest SEO trends.

Upcoming SEO trends

Researching exact keyword will change
Google ad words which previously target exact keywords to bring the results will now rely on signals to deliver the relevant content to the users. The Search engine optimization will be more than a content based strategy to something wider. The content should be rich in text, videos and images but also other methods like events, contests and press releases will be utilized to bring users to the pages.

Restriction on negative SEO and spams

In 2015, you will see that the negative SEO which was used for boosting the website in the search engine results quickly. Google will continue to fight a battle against them so that low quality sites, advertisements and spams can be curbed. Bing will continue to be the second highest rated search engine after google.

Richer content will be given priority
The coming years will be a great plus for the clients as Google will inhibit new content including semantic elements, snippets, one boxes and knowledge panels to their search results. So client websites having richer and updated will be given priority.

Integration of voice search and mobile based results
The coming year will see the integration of voice search and mobile search results for the user. More no of people will rely on handsets instead of searching on their PC or Mac. So the clients having their website accessible on the smartphones and tablets have a higher advantage than the clients that do not have. Voice search on the watches paves the ways for Linguistic user interface apart from the Graphical user interface which was used earlier.

Apart from these organic search and responsive web design where the website will open on mobile as well as desktop will run the SEO world. The focus will be on earning links rather than building link. Making links on quality websites rather than building everywhere. Social media marketing will play an important role where you will focus on two or three websites and sharing your links and content on those. Using quality images and content on the website are the other key factors which you would focus to get results for your business.

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  1. kieraseth says:

    Impressive collection of SEO trends to watch in 2015. I’m going to follow these trends for my business to make it popular one.

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