Important Factors that Affect the Web Design Cost

For starting a small business online you need a domain name, web hosting and a theme like WordPress. At first it looks like these are enough for running a website but in a small span of time if you observe that the theme you bought is not doing well and after trying all plugins the website is not doing great business. At this point of time you will require a perfect design and some web development work to take it to the desired level. Therefore you need to spend money on this part also.

The main factors that you should consider when planning the budget for building a new website or redesign:


  • Do you need a new website or redesign the existing one
  • Do you have any requirement for blog or content management functionality?
  • Is there any need of graphics or you need custom images created completely?
  • Do you have any plan to make it responsive for mobile?
  • Do you want multimedia (Flash, video, etc.) on this site.
  • How much content is required to be added to the website?
  • Do you want to add some special features like social media, SEO, ecommerce?

Below is the detailed description of the budget which you need for building or redesigning a new website.

New website require more cost than redesigning the existing one


To design a new website you need to tell your requirement to the designer and keep in mind it will cost you $100 more for designing a new website compared to redesigning of the existing one.
As an estimate you would require $500 to build a new website and $ 250 for redesigning the website.

Blogs and content management tools

If you already have a website which is running on WordPress theme then you have the advantage of content management on your site but these tools have their own challenges. Making a website from these tools take more time than building it from scratch using HTML and CSS. This is due to efforts that you need to integrate the designs into the CMS systems.

It should be noted that the cost of purchasing that can be modified is as costly as building a new theme from scratch.

Therefore you need around 200$ for blog or CMS even if you have system running if this is not the case then you need to add $200 to get it installed and running.



Even if you have all of the images already, you will still need around $250 to integrate them in the new design. Customizing template can take time and at the same time you want to be sure that the designer has the rights to customize the images in the template. In this case it will cost you around $500 but if you are looking for an entirely new design and images for the website then you should assume around $1200.
In addition you will require icons and buttons which cost around $350. If you need more images then the cost will add to the total budget.
Only use licensed stock images otherwise you will be charged a large sum of money.

Mobile Designs

If you want your site to be accessible on Smartphone’s, tablets, and desktop computers then it will cost around $750


For adding basic Flash or video on the website it will cost around $750 or more

Content Cost

The cheapest option is to create the content on your own and add it into your website. If you want the design firm to add the already created content on the website it will cost around $150 per page and $300 for creating the content.

Special features cost

The extra features which you can add for improving the credibility of your website

Membership and registration fee for website $750

Chat room or any forums $350

News feed for both incoming and outgoing content $400

Contact form and surveys $350

Newsletters $500

Advertising integration $250

Ecommerce features such as shopping carts, catalogs, payment processing $1500-5000

SEO $500-$5000

Social media promotion $500-$3000

Maintenance cost
For maintenance of the website you will require at least $100 per month and for extra work such as creating new images, adding content, social media promotion the maintenance cost will go up


For building small website you have to spend at least $1250 and for bigger one it can go upto $20,000.

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