How to attract Users

How to attract users towards website

For your business to flourish you should have an attractive website that can catch the attention of the user. Therefore efforts should be done to build a website which can attract the users. There are lot of options that can be used to make your website rank better on search engines and reach a large audience.

Here are some of the points which can make your website effective.


blog image

blog image

Insert a blog section

It should be noted that blog section is an important part of your website. Blogs make it easier for your website to rank better. In addition to this they also provide updates and information regarding your business to the customers in a very casual and user friendly manner.

Customers attract toward the website that have blog section because they can easily find the relevant product after reading the details about the product.

Apart from this the website owner can also check the user comments which enable you to find the areas where website lacks. You can hire an editor to change the irrelevant content and retain the useful content making it more attractive.

Insert a share tab

You had seen share tab on various websites after clicking which you will see a drop down list mentioning various social media websites. This tab is used to share your website content with others. It enables other users to share your content and market it.

Insert a Newsletter feature

Newsletter plays an important role in improving your website reach to a large audience/. Through this application you remain in touch with your customers. For this you have to add fields where you ask customers about their email address and name in order to receive newsletter. This is the best way if you want your customers to engage more on your website.

newletter images

newletter images

Make website lighter and attractive

Visitors don’t like the websites that takes time to open. Websites which are heavier are not considered for improving rank. It should open within 3-5 seconds

Keep your content, images and graphic attractive to attract customers to your website.

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