Choosing right keyword for your website

If you are doing SEO for your website then it will not be proper without the selection of right keyword for your link building campaign.

1. Find out your target audience
What are your target customers and what are the words which they will use to find out your product on Google. Note down 10-20 key phrases that define your services and products.

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2. More traffic areas
Put down your keyword list into Google Adword keyword Selector Tool to find out the most searched keywords. Apply the synonym feature to get more ideas. If there is lot of traffic, then focus on exact keyword. Put down those keywords in excel sheet and highlight those keyword which you would like to rank for

3. Find out keywords that are less competitive
The simplest way to find out least competitive keyword is to use key phrases which contain at least 3-4 words because one or two word keyword have more competition. If you are less on budget then focus on long tail keywords


Check the competitiveness of your keyword using Free SEO Calculator. Put as many keywords as you have so that you have more chances to determine more affordable and less competitive keywords.

4. Are you using Profitable keywords
The keyword which you have chosen are searchable by the user or not. Phrase like “Mobile” will have 10 times more traffic but a phrase like “buy a mobile” will deliver a higher ROI and much shorter time to rank.

5. Test the keyword with Google Adwords before investment
Taking SEO services is a very long and expensive process and it gets worse when you are focused on the wrong keywords. You might need to start again after you find that your site is not giving satisfactory results. The solution to this is to test the value of your keywords. You can PPC from Google Adwords which allows you to see what are the keywords which drive more traffic to your website. Test your keyword in Adwords.


6. Focus and Diversify
Select a few keywords which you want to rank high and focus on these keyword till you get the first place on Google. Don’t invest in more than 5 keyword at a time. One of the main mistake of many SEO experts is trying to gain higher ranking for 10 or more highly competitive keyword at a time with low budget.


The most effective to get into Top 10 is to target long tail keywords because they are less competitive, give more profit and less risky.

To put it simply you have got 2 options

Option 1. You can target very competitive short keywords that need 1000 backlink to gain ahead of competition and you will be getting 10,000 visitors from this keyword per day when you are ranked first on Google for it.

OptionII. You can target some low competitive long tail keywords.

7. Go for the easy way
Select the keywords for which you are ranking and build backlinks for these keywords. This will increase traffic upto 1,478 %. Keywords that bring not so much traffic may not look attractive for investment. But if you are ranked 9 for one such keyword and for sake you get 200 visits/month then on acquiring some links for it and improving your ranking from 9 to 1 for this keyword will increase your traffic from Google upto 2,956 visits per month for that keyword. So it is recommended that you select and focus on keywords for which you are ranking between 2 and 30 on Google and make backlink for these keyword in order to get Ist ranking for all of them.


How to find keywords for which you are ranking anywhere between 2 and 30 on Google.

  1. Create long keyword list with long tail keywords. For this use Free Google keyword tool. Put down all important keywords that briefs about your business in this tool.
  2. Sign up free and submit your website URL and a list of all your generated keywords.
  3. Once this tool checks your site ranking on Google for all of your keywords. Transfer keywords in excel file for which you are anywhere between 2 and 30

Now you can start acquiring 3-5 backlinks a week for these keywords in order to get no.1 ranking on Google and increase your traffic upto 1,478% for each of these keywords.

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