Cloud Computing

Expand business through Cloud Computing

cloud computing

cloud computing

Cloud computing is the most talked technology these days. In this technique you can store and access data and computer programs not in your computer hard disk but over the internet. It is not a hard drive which is physically present near you. If you have a dedicated hardware server in your residence or office and you are storing data in that server then it will not be considered to use the cloud computing device.

We can categorize the Cloud computing in two ways

  1. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) – This type of computing involves the business subscribers to access an application over the internet. These consist of CRM software and business intelligence software in the cloud, application like emails, database and custom application in the cloud.
  2. Platform-as-a-Service(PAAS)– In this type of computing the business creates its own customized application and used by all manpower in the company or we can say that a platform is delivered for service.
  3. Infrastructure as a Service– It can be defined as a model in which any big organisation outsources or rents out the equipments that supports storage, server, networking components and hardware components

Advantages of cloud computing

Increased efficiency– When you use cloud computing for your business you can increase efficiency by improving your output because the cost per unit or project goes down.

Pay as you use– you will have to spend less on technology infrastructure as it enables you to pay weekly, quarterly or yearly.

Globalize your manpower at less cost– You can easily increase your manpower as they can access the cloud with the help of internet connection.

Increase your productivity– As the business requires no additional money on hardware, software and licensing fee. You can easily monitor your project easily as you have a full control of it anytime and anywhere.

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