How Google ranks your website

How Google ranks your website

For all those who are looking to make their website search engine friendly they first need to know how search engine like Google rank their website. Google is a popular search engine and daily billion of things are being searched on Google. People from all over the world rely on this search engine heavily. There are several factors which Google follow for ranking a website.

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Google calculate the no of incoming links. Quality links improves your website visibility. Google follow Aging process for website as soon as it appears on the web world. Aging process is used to monitor the link as it changes over time and the speed with which the site add incoming links and life span of that link. The older the site will be and the link coming towards it the more visible the site will be.

Domain Age
Domain is also URL of the website. It is always good step to choose a domain name that you can stick for a longer period of time. In case you change host then make sure domain name stays otherwise you will lose traffic. Keeping the domain name for a longer period of time is what Google use for ranking a website.

Click through rate
It is defined as the rate at which people click on your website. For this there are various tools that can tell the no of visitor and click on your website. It also depends on the CTR of advertising on your site. The more the no of click on ads the more rank your website will get.

Positive frequency
How much updated your site is what Google consider while ranking your website. The frequency with which you update the website play an important role in ranking a website. Consistency in up-dation will also increase the no. of visitors towards your website.

Keyword density in the content of the website plays an important role for Google to rank a website. Introduction of current trend keyword drive more traffic towards your website. Therefore update your keyword according to the trends for getting good rank in the search engine results.

Traffic and user behavior
Google consider the amount of traffic towards your website to rank it. It also sees how long the user engages on the website. What is the information that is viewed and how many times your page has been bookmarked or added into favorites. All these factors make your website search engine friendly and drive traffic to your website.

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