How tagging is beneficial for your articles

Tagging is a common term in Search engine optimization. It is a way to organize or classify the information on the internet. It helps users to find out what they are looking for and can quickly access if the article is relevant or not. Most user tag relevant keyword on the post instead of using big categories. The major difference between categories and tag is that an article belongs to one category whereas article can belong to many tags.

Process of tagging
Tagging is a simple process. You can tag people in photos or tag article you wrote on your blog or website. There are no rules for tagging, you can tag wherever you find suitable.

Let’s take an example if you have written an article about cricket then you can tag this article as ball, bat, gully, point provided that these are mentioned in your article

tag 1

Instructions for tagging an article

  1. Start with the title tag. The text that you put in the title tag is the first important thing that browsers see when they search your page. The title tag should consist of keywords that are used in the article.
  2. Then after comes the description tag. This tag will show the description under the title. It must be short and brief description of the content. Try to write it approximately of 60 characters
  3. In keyword tag pick the terms that you will use. You should find three key terms that are connected with your article. The keyword should be found in the text of the article. You must include them in the first and last paragraph and throughout the body
  4. The title, description and keyword tag are oftenly used to tag an article. Optional tags include robots, date tags and author
  5. Submit your tagged article to search engines. If you have tagged your article properly then it should rank higher in the search engine result pages.

    tag 3

Why tagging is beneficial
Tagging plays a great role in internet world especially if you are in the process of branding your business or website. The Search engine picks the tag word and gives relevant results. Search Engine like Google, yahoo, and MSN crawl through your tags and if your tag matches the query which the user is searching then search engine will pick your article. Therefore if your article is tagged properly then there are better chances of appearance of your content when searched.

Below are three benefits of tagging

  • It gives you an unlimited ways to classify an item
  • Helps in bringing traffic towards your website
  • Helps in improving ranking in SERP

Many social networking sites support and allow tagging such as You tube. Check them to known the process of tagging.

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