How to make your keyword Global


When you own a large business then you need to have your website in different languages so that people all over the world can access it and then know your product and services. But when you translate the website keep in consideration that you do not translate it word by word because in that way the translation does not come up well.

At the same time make your website translated professional it is to be noted that the keyword that are popular in United States are not essentially popular countries.

Take in consideration the slang words because the slang words are different for different countries. You will need to talk to local to find out the correct term for your keyword

Here is list of factors that need to be researched before finding local keywords

Go through Google Adwords

Change “results are tailored to English, United States to the search language and country

Put the directly translated word in “enter one keyword or phrase per line” section

Leave all the options as they are and click on “Get Keyword ideas”

Change “Match Type” as “Broad” to “Exact”

Review the local search volume through month; review the keyword and the search volume

Sometime you will find a specific keyword that you should use to optimize in your copy

Remember to check out what each of those keyword mean and don’t assume that they are synonyms because that is way google has listed them. That can be big mistake

Make sure to use a live person who is fluent in both the languages.

Apart from using these keyword in your content you should use them in your title tags, Meta description, alt tags, and image names. Use keyword in your file name.

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