Perform SEO of E-Commerce Website

                 How to perform SEO of ecommerce website


If ecommerce websites are SEO optimized they can get a large amount of traffic. The topic covers factors that affect ecommerce SEO.

1. On page SEO
Anything that you perform for specific page on the website to come high in the search engine ranking is called On page SEO. The most important thing for an Onpage optimization for effective SEO is the textual content of the webpage. The high quality content boost the onpage SEO and improve search engine ranking.


2. Off page SEO
Optimizing for search engine ranking without doing any changes to your website is called off page SEO. The most important thing for effective SEO is getting link from other websites. But all the link to your website is not the same. Search engine like Google are influenced by

Quantity i.e. the no. of links directed towards your website
Quality i.e. the quality of sites which give links towards your website.
Theme:-The topic of the page which links towards your website.


3. SEO copywriting
Well written relevant content that comprises words and expression that relates to the search term that you would like to rank for help you to rank better.


4. Global SEO
It is important thing to rank well in a particular country but it is entirely different to rank well globally. Try to search for shopping related keywords on and then on and you will see the change in results.


5. Link building
Search engine such as Google, bing and yahoo are much more intelligent and they can easily differentiate between spammy profile link and organic link from reputed sites. Your link building campaign should revolve around creation of important and interesting offering that people like to link to it.


6. Internal search
Internal search engine are important in providing visitors with an easy method to narrow down their search. Therefore introduction of internal search engine within the ecommerce website is very important.

7. SEO keyword
People like to search with keywords. Hence keywords are the building blocks of search engine optimization. I f each page on your website is optimized for a specific keyword than it is great for your SEO efforts.


8. Shopping Cart SEO
Shopping cart owner often forget to use SEO friendly shopping cart. That is because SEO is relevant for product description pages.

9. Canonical URL
To increase the usability of ecommerce website designers of ten place the same webpage on different URLs. But in this case the search engines regard this as duplicate content. Fortunately you can declare the original page or the canonical URL and prevent any duplicate content penalty.

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