Most popular SEO tools

Most popular SEO tools for an indepth analysis of your website

1. Hotjar

Hotjar is a tool which allows user to get an insight about website performance thereby revealing the areas where the website lacks. All your data is stored in the cloud and is accessible at lightning speed.

Hotjar tool image

Hotjar tool

What is suitable time to start using Hotjar?

Hot jar is stored in closed beta. Currently users are invited based on their position in the early access waiting list. You can use beta by signing up with your email account. After signing up with 5 friends you will get 6 months of free access.

Is it “unlimited?”

Yes, by using an affordable plan you will be able to generate reports for a number of websites and make these available to large number of users.

For this sampling and on demand reports for analysis tools are used. This will enable you to get statiscally accurate insight at a very cheaper price.

How is this tool different than other tools like Crazy Egg, Qualaroo and Click tale

Tools like Crazy Egg, Click tale, and Qualaroo provide only feature e.g. heatmaps at a premium price. In addition they offer features that you don’t require and charge you with complex plans depending on how many sites, user and page views your site has. Limited features are given based on the plan you pay for. When you use Hotjar there is no site or user limitation and a simple plan will deliver you unlimited insights.


Hotjar is available free for all those that participate in closed beta program. After the beta period, you will also get an additional month of free Hotjar. If you want to continue further then it cost $29/month. If you refer 5 friends during the beta then you will get 6months of free usage.

2. Raven Reports

Raven tool image

Raven tool image

Some of the features of this tool are

Custom branding

You can add branding to your account and reports. Apart from this you can also request a custom domain.

Campaign management

By using Raven account, you can manage a number of websites and social networks. You can also organize group campaign and set access rights.


Your coworker is sitting near or miles away, easily communicate through message and task tools.

Google integration

Receive data directly from google. This tool integrates Analytics, Adwords and webmaster tools for one stop management and reporting.

Business development

You can have a list of prospective clients. Use Site performance and CRM tool to make comprehensive proposals.

Free support

We provide technical support for every query and free, weekly training classes.

3. Moz Analytics

MOZ analytics

moz analytics

 With the help of Moz Analytic you can easily measure and increase your organic traffic, keyword ranking and visibility. In addition to this it also help in auditing your website, track your ranking and link metrics

Some of its features are

All data in one place

You can easily track the performance of your inbound marketing efforts on a single platform. Then it shows the mutual relationship between your content, SEO, inbound links, brand mentions, social activity

How your data perform over time

You can have an idea of how your efforts have performed over time. Easily see the trend lines of your growth and momentum and highlight factors that have change shift in performance.

Competitive analysis

The tool will allow you to compare your data with your competitors. You can have an idea of their profiles, social activity, and traffic.

Next move

By analyzing the data you can see where your site lacks and what are the keywords that can optimize to boost traffic, discover missing Meta tags, delete duplicate content and find the missing Meta tags.

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