Popularize Blog Using Social Media

How to popularize your blog using social media platforms


Social networking platform can play a big role to increase the popularity of the blog. If you find that the target audience is low on your blog then this article will show you the techniques to popularize your blog.

It is very important to have pinnable images on your blog because the users follow pinterest to take a look on the articles they like and refer again. To ease down the pinning of images easy for your readers, choose a featured image for the post and add titles to all the images. When you give a title to the image the title will automatically populate the comment field on the pin. This will ease down the sharing of the content and simple on Pinterest.

Put sharing buttons
When you put social sharing buttons on your blog then it will be easy for your followers and audience to share it with their known ones. At the same time make sure that the scroll is without any bumps and they should be noticeable. Also give only those social media sharing button which the users follow most often.

Insert Social updates in Posts
To popularize your blog you should interact with the user on social media platform. If you insert social media content in a blog post you simplify the social experience of your readers by allowing them to interact with a particular social media platform.

Engaging content
Write engaging content in your blog such that the user feels as if he is interacting with a real person. Add colourful images, attractive fonts and make the image pinnable

Introduce comment section
Turn word verification off because word verification makes commenting difficult. To reduce spam moderate comments. You can also introduce a service like Disqus that ask to create an account and log in before making any comment or use facebook comment box.

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