Promote online business free

How to promote online business free

If you want to run an online business then you should keep some necessary points in mind. Running an online business is not as easy as it sounds because there is no direct contact between the seller and the customers. Following are some tips if you want to reach a large customer base.

Use social networking sites

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social media for promotion

As people engage more and more time on the social networking sites nowadays. Therefore if you want to increase your reach then you should promote your business on these social networking sites. These are Facebook, twitter, Google plus and many more.

Advertise through banners

Create attractive banners and then use these on the internet to promote your business online. This is an effective way of promoting your business as it requires less time and money

Advertise through PPC

PPC is another way of reaching a large base of customers and convert them into buyers. Under this method you have to pay only when a user visits your website and the charges are also reasonable.

Use Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another best option if you want to open an online business. Under this if you refer a product of that already existing online shopping portal and if it converts into buyer then you will get some percentage of the money.


If you want to start your online business and increase the traffic to your website then you should add a blog section under which you provide valuable information to your visitor which create a reputation of your shopping portal.

Use forums

Marketing through forums is also an excellent idea under which you post your reviews and give answer to questions.

Email promotion

You can also promote your business through emails. Sending mails to potential customers can also convert them into potential buyers.

Promotion through video sharing sites

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Video sites for promotion

You can also promote your product or services through video sharing sites. There are many video sharing sites which allow promotion at no cost. You tube is one such site where thousands of users visit the website daily.

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