SEO Strategies 2015

The SEO strategies are changing and new one will be used as we enter 2015.

2015 SEO strategies

1.    Make your website mobile friendly
The websites which are responsive gives the best user experience. As the use of smartphones is increasing, people want to use the internet on the mobile and want to see the websites on the phone. So those websites which are both computer and mobile friendly will rank higher in the search engine results.

2.    Optimize your site for Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo
Firefox is going to kick Google and yahoo will be default browser. Google deal with Safari will end by 2015 and according to predictions Bing and yahoo will try to secure that spot. There will be option of switching default browsers in iOS 8 and OSX from Google to DuckDuckgo.

3.    Try to focus on ROI metrics rather than keyword
IF you have hired an SEO company for ranking a particular keyword to the top but it doesn’t make any profit to the business or may be Info graphics that you have published result in earning large no. of links but it doesn’t convert in revenue then the SEO will be useless. So in the coming year you will have to focus on SEO and your Return on investment metrics as well.

4.    Focus on social media marketing
Social media which was once considered for sharing content has now become a marketing channel where we can promote our business. Choose three or four social media sites and share your business product. This will not only help in generating leads, revenue and sales but also increase your customers.

5.    Earn links instead of building links
Gone are the days when you make links everywhere so that you can generate more traffic. More focus will be on link building on a reputed site for SEO, sales, traffic, sales and brand making.

6.    Target precise and search phrases
Instead of targeting more no. of keywords which will be costly focus on making long keywords in phrases that are precise and relevant that the user search. This will make the user easy to search your products.
So the focus on organic SEO strategy and quality content will be more. So if your website has rich and relevant quality that will be considered by Google bots, the quality and relevant images, links on the page are other factors that Google will see while ranking your website.

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