Myths that people have about SEO

Search Engine optimization is a unique tool that is the used by the websites to come higher in the search engine results. It helps the website in increasing the no of visitors and which leads to growth of the business.
But soon the misuse of SEO for making a page popular which has no relevant information of the topic takes place. Then this led the Google search engine to change their algorithm to consider those pages less important. These changes make the people to believe that SEO is of no use.

SEO Myths

We will look at some of the myths that people have about SEO

Use more no. of keywords
Initially people think that the more your repeat the keywords the better your website will rank. However the fact is that the search engine checks the relevancy of content and the information while analyzing websites. Forcing keywords in the content will give no positive results and result in blacklisting of your page.

Content Quality has no importance
Many people believe that the quantity of material matters rather than the quality. But the fact is that the people see the quality of the content and scan the page to find the information they require. The quality of the content attracts the visitors and engage more time on the website. Google also uses the same criterion to rank a website.
Large number of back links increases traffic

Generating links that are towards your website increases traffic. In fact the most effective technique is to post the articles on online directories and give link that will be directed towards your website. But if the topic you cover has no relevancy to the link then it will lead to reduction in traffic and there are chances that you are blacklisted or penalized for wrongly using link building technique.

SEO has no meaning
One of the biggest myth that people have that SEO plays no role in the website ranking. In fact it is most popular technique in the online world. Although in the past few years misuse of SEO has increased. This result in major search engine to change their algorithm used to rate the website but it does not mean that SEO has no importance. It will remain effective method to increase the ranking of the website. From the recent trend it is proved that sites that have relevant information rank higher in the search engine results compared to the website that don’t have.
In the conclusion to rank the website higher in the search engine results it should have keyword density according to the length of the article. Content should be of high quality and informative rather than lengthy. Use the links that relates to the topic of the article because it will confuse both the user and search engine bot. SEO has its own importance and in the future also it will play a major role for the growth of business. Effective SEO can raise your website rank in the search engine results.

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