Different Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting is the process to post the website on the internet. Web hosting service provider offers the website owner the technologies and service required for the website or webpage to be viewed on the internet. These website are hosted or stored on servers.
When any internet user type the address of the website then the computer will connect to the server and the webpage will be delivered to the user’s computer.
There are various web hosting companies which provides user website to place it on the internet.
There are basically four types of hosting

1.    Free hosting
Free hosting works well when you want to build a noncritical website because in free hosting the connection speed is slow, website can get down frequently and advertising banner will automatically on your site. Some of the companies offer free hosting services after purchasing the domain name and some offer a free sub domain under them. You will not have the facility to transfer the free sub domains.
2.    Shared hosting
In shared hosting you and some other website owner share one server. This will include the physical server and the software application within the server. This type of hosting is affordable also as the investment is shared between both of you. Drawback of this hosting is that the website open slow.
3.    Dedicated hosting
In dedicated hosting you own the whole server due to which all the server resources are available to your website and the website opens faster. In this case you will have to pay the entire cost of services by server. This performs well for those websites which require a lot of system resources or high level of security.
4.    Collocated hosting
In this type of hosting you will purchase your own server and you can host a no of websites. In Collocated hosting you will have the full control of the web server and you can install a no. of scripts or applications.

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