Video pay per click to promote

Video pay per click to promote your product and services

Video is the latest tool used in pay per click marketing. It is much easier now to have video ads on you tube, across the web and to get some serious ROI. In addition to this a high level of targeting with robust analytics refines your marketing efforts and gain more leads.

you tube

you tube for video

Though you can see stream video all over the web but you tube rules in case of videos online. It is third largest website in the world and is second largest search engine after Google. Over billion users visit this website each month. These stats attract advertisers to promote their product and reach a huge audience. These people target customers based on demographics, topic of the content or the user’s interest.

The biggest benefit that you tube offers is that you don’t need to create different ads for various devices or worry that the product which looks amazing on desktop is not going to load on Smartphone. You tube is fully compatible with every device and users can open it wherever they are.

What in case if someone skips your ad? The answer is that you don’t have to pay for it and what if someone don’t watch more than 25% of your video then also there is no cost applicable. You can call this PPP (pay per play) campaign than a PPC where the viewer is watching instead of clicking. You can consider this video as a multimedia canvas where you can give the description of your product or services with words, images and music to attract potential customers.

You can also follow customers who have already seen your video. Robust analytics allows you to check how people are interacting with your ad and who those people are.

ppc management

ppc management

Another new technique that Google is introducing for video campaign is affinity marketing. Not only you can reach users who are searching for your product or services but also those having similar interest. Google monitors all these customers with the help of cookies. You can understand this whole process by taking an example suppose someone who visits websites about health, wellness and the environment is more likely to be interested in hybrid vehicles. Therefore the google will suggest topics related to that search.

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