Ways to make attractive anchor text

anchor 1When anchor text is used properly it can enhance user experience and enable users to take the action that you want them to take. For better results it is important to follow some rules which are mentioned below.

1. Anchor text should be descriptive
According to Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide anchor text should be descriptive and terms such as click here and page should not be taken as anchor text.

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When you make anchor text always use good descriptive words and be straight forward so that the user knows exactly what they will get by clicking your link. Some of the example of generic, non descriptive anchor text that we should avoid.

Some example of anchor text which let user to know what they get before even click on the link are.

2. Anchor text should provide information when read out of context
Users shouldn’t have to read a whole paragraph to find out what your anchor text is saying and where it will take them. It is a fact that many visitors go through page looking for a link which can provide the information what they want therefore anchor text attract the user attention. If a user is searching a link to your newly released Pinterest ebook then introducing an anchor text like this will help user a lot.

Or if you create anchor text that can be read out of context like this

In the first example the user has to read at least part of the paragraph to figure out what will it lead to whereas in the second example user has to go through only anchor text to find out what it is about thus providing a better user experience.

3. Anchor text should link to nouns when possible.
Using verbs for anchor is not a good practice because user don’t know where he end up when clicking on them.

On the other hand introducing nouns as anchor text is effective. It is able to create a visual picture in their minds and thus user knows where he is going.

4. Anchor text should be concise
According to Google SEO starter Guide anchor text should be short but descriptive.

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5. Anchor text should be unique
CSS and other text styling methods allows hiding your anchor text and appearing if it is any other text. Google encourage site owners to make it easy for users to distinguish between anchor text and other text on page.

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Creating great anchor texts enhance user experience. You should make anchor text such that it eases down what user wants to know. Be descriptive, concise and make anchor text unique.

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